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Brother Segun Oluyemi

We give God the glory for blessing our marriage with a baby boy after 8 years of waiting. It’s was really challenging for us as my wife step mother always tell people “se won de ti bi omo” meaning (have they given birth now), she was referring to us and confirming some of her negative words. But to the glory of God, my wife conceive the month we celebrated our 8 years wedding anniversary. Due to what the woman have said in the past, we avoid anyone that can tell her about the pregnancy to see her or hear about it. To our surprise, my wife will dream about this woman asking her if she was pregnant. We will wake up and started praying. This is someone we have block on all social media and even phone calls. This woman train 3 ladies, and my wife happen to be the youngest among them and the first to give birth to the glory of God. We return all glory to God for this wonderful gift.