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– Exceptional family life: Grace Covenant Center as a family is committed to loving the brethren and to ensure that everyone that comes through our door finds a way to express themselves. A church where there is no gainsay or rancor but where all is loved with the love of God and shown what true love is.

This will translate to our homes where couples live in love, the fear of God so there is harmony bringing glory to God through the Holy Institution.  As a result, children are raised and nurtured in the fear of God so the light of the gospel is translated into the next generation.

Exultant Worship-A spirit led worship service with the teaching of undiluted word of God. Ps. 34:3

– Enduring Fellowship: An atmosphere of love and trust where brethren exercise patience and long-suffering with each other. Eph. 2:19

– Effective Evangelism: We are committed to reaching out to people of all races and tongues with the glorious gospel of the grace of God Acts 20:24

– Earnest Prayer: A culture of intense intercession, deep communion, sincere and result oriented prayers 1 Thess. 5:16

– Experiential Discipleship: That brother will experience God so much that it will be lived out for others to see God in us in all we do 1Tim.4:12

– Enabling and Maximizing Potential: That brother will grow to maturity to activate their God given dream and actualize it through the grace that is given Eph.2:10

–  Ebullient Service: We value people and know in every one is a quest to be loved and accepted. You do not expect to be served but to serve. In this way, we model Christ’s life.